Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to have prior experience in order to do this?

Not at all!  Personal Picasso paint parties are fun for everyone, including those who have never even held a paintbrush!


What can I bring to the party for refreshments?

You can bring any food or drinks you like!  Guests 21+ are welcome to bring alcohol into the studio.  Personal Picasso will provide cups, wine openers, plates, napkins, etc.


Can I reserve the studio for a private party?  

Yes, please provide us with as much notice as possible!   If you wish to decorate your party, you may make arrangements with Personal Picasso.  It is the party host's responsibility to remove all decorations after the party.  You may also extend your party after the event or reserve the studio for non-painting activities for $45/hour.


Can I host a paint party at a location other than the studio?

Yes!  Personal Picasso offers a mobile version of its paint parties.  Call us during our office hours and we'll help you work through the details!  There is a $40 travel/setup fee for a mobile party within a 15 mile radius.  Each additional mile after that is $2/mile.  You may also rent tables for $20 (seats 7), benches for $7 (seats 3), or chairs for $3 each if you don't have your own.  


What does it mean when your event calendar says "Open Studio"?

"Open studio"  means that we're open and supplies are available!  $9 will get you a canvas or empty wine bottle (to paint on) and access to all of our supplies.   No classes are taught during this time, so no instruction will be given.  You may ask for tips from the staff, but this is an open paint session and we encourage you to get creative!


Do I have to follow the instructor exactly?

Not at all!  We encourage you to get creative; however, it is recommended that you make certain you're comfortable with more advanced steps if you choose to do so.  This is your painting!  You're free to do as you please with it!


Since this is a BYOB studio are guests required to be at least 21 years of age?

Even though alcohol is allowed in our studio we allow guests as young as 15 to our "adult" (anything other than a kids' or family-friendly event) to attend; HOWEVER, anyone bringing alcohol into the studio must be at least 21 years of age to do so.


How do I get registered if I have a coupon or voucher?

If you have a promo code you'll simply enter it in at checkout.  If you're not sure or don't have a code available you can give us a call or simply use the special registration form located under the "Information" tab.


How can I be sure that all of my group will get to sit next to one another?

When you make your reservation you'll be asked who all is in your group, even those you're not paying for.  This will allow us to keep you all together in the event we need to assign seats.  

***Seats will only be assigned if our studio is booked at a higher capacity.  Otherwise, show up early with your group to find seats you prefer.


Can we paint something other than a canvas (i.e. wine bottles, coolers, coffee mugs, wood, etc)?

Yes!  If you're interested in painting something else, please contact us during office hours to discuss details.  We may be able to hold a special event to accommodate your request if the idea seems fit.


Why are some parties priced differently or have longer times?

Some paintings are more advanced and will require additional time.  The basic rate is $35 per 2-2.5 painting, and will increase depending on the amount of additional time required.  If an art piece requires special materials this can also influence the price.  On occasion, we will post parties at a specially discounted promotional price.  These prices are only valid for the event for which they're posted.


Do you offer discounts or other promos?

Discounts are offered to military, senior (55+) and students with a valid ID.  These three groups will receive $5 off at our public events (excluding First Friday events and private parties.

We also have a punch card!  Ask for one on your first visit and each time you join us we'll punch your card.  When you've made 5 visits, the 6th visit is free!

A drawing will be held twice at every public party.  The two winners will receive a pair of vouchers for a free visit.

We regularly run specials on our events.  $15 First Friday is our most popular promotional event!


Can I bring my child with me?

Unfortunately, because this environment is catered more toward a mature audience and because guests may bring in alcohol, we ask that all of those who attend our parties be at least 15 years of age; however, we occasionally host "family friendly" events that all ages are welcome to.   These events will be noted as such on our calendar.

If you would like to host a private event (on location at our studio or at your preferred location) you are more than welcome to have any age attend.  Please be advised that children under the age of 7 may have a more difficult time completing a painting without help from an adult.  


Do you provide food or beverages?

Some non-alcoholic drinks (sodas, water) and snacks are available for purchase on location.  There is a Specs and an HEB  located within short walking distance of our San Marcos location should you need additional refreshments; however, we ask that you make these visits and return to your seat prior to party's start time.  


Can I attend the party, but not paint?

If you plan on joining us, but not painting, please be aware that you will not be able to sit in the painting area, as these seats are reserved for painters.  You may hang out in the front seating area while you wait for someone.


Do you have another size canvas I can paint on?  

Yes.  If you'd like to have a larger canvas to paint on, we will have one available for an additional fee.  Please make us aware of your alternative selection so we can be certain we have your requested size in stock.