Charli Reno is an artist out of Austin, TX whose passion for art has allowed her to turn it into a fun and rewarding career.  In addition to creating personal collections of work, she also works as a freelance artist in businesses and homes across Texas, as well as teaches private lessons to students, young and old alike, out of her paint party/private studio, Personal Picasso, in San Marcos, TX.

Whether you're interested in a "walk-through" on creating a particular piece for yourself or as a gift, or are just trying to advance your technical skills, your private lessons will prove to be rewarding, inspiring and most of all... FUN!  

If you're interested in scheduling private lessons with Charli fill out the form under the "Contact" tab explaining your goals and preferred days/times.  Lessons are taught on location so that appropriate space is allotted for projects and so that all materials are on hand!  Off-location lessons may be discussed over the phone at 512-618-0407.

Private lessons begin at $25 per teaching hour.  Consultation and all materials are included in the cost.  

Discounts may be available to those wishing to pursue group lessons or those wishing to book extensive lessons.