Splatter Parties are the ultimate way to combine art with fun!

(See the details below!)

How does it work? 

Our splatter paint parties allow our guests, kids and adults alike, to be more liberal and active with their creativity compared to our instructed parties.  We provide our guests with a 16"x20" canvas, shoe covers and a hair cap and all of the various tools and paints needed to get crazy in our splatter room!  Here are the details:

-We ask that every guest wear clothing that they are comfortable getting paint on (this paint will NOT come off once dry).  You can wear old clothing you're willing to toss OR... pick out some clothing you might like to add some character to!  (Start a new trend... anyone?)

-These parties are designed to be FUN.  Come prepared to relax, get a little messy (or a lot if you choose!), and let loose on your canvas!

-Those in attendance who are not participating or do not wish to get paint on themselves are asked to stay outside of the splatter room and enjoy the madness from our viewing windows!

-Because of the nature of these parties, they will take less time than our traditional instructed parties.  This also means they are more affordable!

-Due to the heavy layering of the paint in some situations you may need to allow extra drying time.  Please be prepared to either arrange pick up after 48 hours, or arrange a local delivery or shipment of your painting once dried for a small fee.

-Hosting a special event with loved ones?  Add a community canvas to your event for the guest of honor to take home!  Make it as large as you'd like and have everyone contribute to the design.  Each guest will still take home their own in addition to this canvas.

What are the requirements?

-The cost of each guest is $18 with a minimum of ten guests required.  This applies to both kiddos and adults!

-There will be NO RUNNING tolerated in the splatter room.  Wet paint can make for slick surfaces!

-Children 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult.  The minimum age for this event is 4 years old.

-You will be allowed thirty minutes before and after your session to allow for mingling, festivities, etc.  Events in the splatter room will last approximately one hour.  So, you'll have the space for two hours!  (Arrangements for additional time can be made.)

-Our splatter room can host up to twenty guests at once, or you can send larger groups into the room in rotations.

-You MUST wear clothing you're okay with getting permanent paint splatters on (about that new trend...)

-Although we provide shoe covers, we still ask that you wear shoes you're okay with getting paint on... just in case!

-To book your party you must provide a date, time, tentative guest count, any special requests and 50% deposit at the time of booking. 

-Each guest must be okay with a less controlled environment.  You will likely get another guest's splatters on your canvas... it's part of the fun!  You can move your canvas to a less busy area of the room for a more controlled design, however, it is not guaranteed that paint won't fly from across the room!

To book your party please contact us with your name, best contact method, desired date and time, and tentative guest count.  Reach us using one of the following methods:

-Email us at PersonalPicasso@yahoo.com

-Call us at 512-213-6960

-Fill out our contact form on this site

Please allow 1-3 business days for a response in writing.  Call for a faster response!